Microfluidics Roadmap for the Life Sciences now available

The Laboratory for MEMS Applications at IMTEK together with partners from HSG-IMIT, Cranfield Biotech Center and Yole Développement investigated markets for microfluidic technologies in the life sciences. The result is available as the FlowMap report.



The FlowMap report is based on a 15-month European project lead by the Laboratory for MEMS Applications at IMTEK. In the course of the project, present and emerging markets for microfluidic technologies in the life sciences have been investigated. Important market demands, major technology drivers and strategic issues are identified and analyzed in a global market research chapter as well as individual chapter on the four major fields for microfluidics in the life sciences:  biotechnology,  drug discovery, medicine and ecology. The present markets and expected growth rates are quantified to forecast the evolution of the market volume. A 19% annual growth rate starting from a  2002-turnover of 500 M€ and reaching 1.4 billion € in 2008  is estimated. The results are based on personal interviews and a questionnaire action involving more than  150 key experts in the life-science fields, representing end users, system suppliers and developers of underlying microfluidic technologies. In addition, the report features an introduction into microfluidic technologies.

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