IMTEK careers: Remigius Niekrawietz accepts position as R&D engineer at Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart

Remigius Niekrawietz worked in the nanoliter & picoliter dispensing group at the IMTEK – Laboratory for MEMS Applications from March 2003 till September 2006. Now he moved to Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart / Schillerhoehe as of October 2006.



Remigius Niekrawietz is about to finish his PhD thesis on “TopSpot: Highly parallel printheads of a pneumatic non-contact dispenser”. He pioneered the development of TopSpot printing technology for high-throughput microarray fabrication. Based on his work, the IMTEK Spinn-off company Biofluidix released the TopSpot Entry Arrayer, an affordable benchtop system designed for printing individual microarray slides by manual operation. Nevertheless the process can be up-scaled to high throughput fabrication of thousands of biochips per day.

Remigius' task at Robert Bosch will be MEMS development and simulation.


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