IMTEK careers: Dr. Markus Grumann joins Phywe as Head of R&D

Dr. Markus Grumann, former PhD student at the Lab-on-a-Chip group of the Laboratory for MEMS Applications, begins as head of R&D (Research and Development) at Phywe in Goettingen as of November 2005.



Systeme GmbH & Co KG is one of the leading suppliers of teaching materials focused on optimum natural sciences education. Today, Phywe has partners in over 60 countries. Equipment and experiments made by Phywe are used all over the world for teaching, learning and research purposes.

Dr. Markus Grumann finished his PhD thesis on “Readout of Diagnostic Assays on a Centrifugal Microfluidic Platform” in December 2005 at the laboratory of MEMS Applications.


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