IMTEK Careers: Bernd Faltin accepts position at Robert Bosch GmbH

Bernd Faltin worked in the Lab-on-a-Chip group since March 2007. From April 2012 on, he accepted a position as R&D engineer at the Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart.



Bernd Faltin’s scientific focus concentrated on assay development for nucleic acid testing. Within the EU-FP7-funded project “AutoCast” Bernd developed the novel ‘Mediator Probe PCR’ (patent submitted). This innovative and flexible technique bears great potential for cost savings within routine screenings and assay development. His PhD thesis will describe the research on assay design and application scenarios.

After almost five years he will leave the Laboratory for MEMS Applications for a position as R&D engineer at the Corporate Research Center of Robert Bosch GmbH in Gerlingen–Schillerhöhe.


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