2020-2021 Freiburg-Penn State Virtual Classroom Award für Mark Fedkin und Anke Weidlich

Online course on "Solar Energy Integration and Economics" will be co-taught at Penn State and Freiburg Universities




The Pennsylvania State University and the University of Freiburg have announced the selection of two proposals for a novel initiative in piloting an online classroom project between the two universities. One of the projects is "Solar Energy Integration and Economics", led by Mark Fedkin at Penn State and Anke Weidlich in Freiburg. It will explore the technical and economical aspects of integration of renewable energy systems into modern power grids. The idea is built upon the leading position of University of Freiburg in solar and grid technologies and renowned expertise of Penn State in energy and grid economics. The course will be integrated in two existing online Master’s programs. In Freiburg, it will be offered in the framework of Solar Energy Engineering.


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