Two Papers published in Optics Express

The scientists from the Microactuators lab are happy to announce two recent publications in Optics Express.



The paper with the title "Quasi-Bessel beams from asymmetric and astigmatic illumination sources" by the first author A. Müller deals with the generation of Bessel beams from asymmetric and astigmatic illumination sources such as laser diodes using axicon lenses. The profiles of beams from different illumination sources were investigated and simulated data was compared to the experiments. The paper is a result of the excellence initiative BrainLinks-BrainTools.

"Phase gratings with tunable diffraction efficiency" by the first author M. Stürmer describes a tunable optical phase grating which is actuated by a device-integrated piezo actuator.

The working principle is based on varying the effective phase shift by moving two gratings relative to each other. This principle enables a large tuning range and quick response times in the range of some milliseconds. The device was fabricated in collaboration with Hochschule RheinMain.

In the first month after publication the paper was downloaded already more than 250 times which makes it the eighth most downloaded paper in Optics Express in October 2016.

Both papers are published as open-access and are accessible via: and .


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