Klee award 2017 - Second place for Frederick Pothof

Frederick Pothof was awarded with the second place of the "Klee-Preis" 2017 for his research on a novel implant for epilepsy diagnostics.



Klee award 2017 - Second place for Frederick Pothof

The implant and corresponding scientific publication "Chronic neural probe for simultaneous recording of single-unit, multi-unit, and local field potential activity from multiple brain sites" was developed at the Microsystem Materials Laboratory within the Framework of the European project NeuroSeeker under scientific supervision of Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul and Dr. Patrick Ruther.

The scientific research (DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1741-2560/13/4/046006), published in the international Journal of Neural Engineering, describes a novel cylindrical neural implant with an outer diameter of 0.8 mm. The so-called SEEG probe forwards electric potentials from within the brain to an electrical recording system. It allows localizing the source of epileptic seizures, i.e. the epileptic focus, needed to define a suitable clinical treatment strategy. The implant exhibits the same outer dimensions as clinically approved devices. However, a pronounced increase in channel count, 128 micro- and/or macro electrodes in comparison to typically below 18 macro electrodes, is enabled. This allows reaching a higher spatial resolution in neural recordings which is expected to improve localizing epileptic foci. Furthermore, even the electrical activity of single neurons can be recorded with this device.

This year the second place of the Klee-Preis was award twice due to identical scores of two publications.


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