World champions in automatic machine learning (Auto ML)

Team of the Department of Computer Science defends its title



Dr. Marius Lindauer, Prof. Dr. Frank Hutter, Matthias Feurer, Katharina Eggensperger, Dr. Stefan Falkner (from left to right)

The Machine Learning group of Prof. Frank Hutter won the second Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Challenge, defending its title as world champion.

A broad range of companies and academics want to use machine learning but lack the expert knowledge to obtain the best results. Automated machine learning aims at lower that barrier and "democratizes" machine learning: anyone can now use the team’s open-source AutoML software Auto-sklearn.

The team won this year’s competition against 41 other participants, thus winning $3000 of prize money. Recently, the team presented their solution at the PAKDD conference in Melbourne and published a paper at a workshop on automated machine learning at the international conference of machine learning (ICML).

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