First ECOSENSE seminar

Jan 18, 2023. A total of 11 seminars with lecture series in the summer semester 2023.

All members of the Collaborative Research Centre ECOSENSE will present the research focus of their projects in a total of 11 double lectures in the summer semester 2023.

The first lecture of the SFB ECOSENSE seminar will take place on 26 January 2023 as part of the ECOSENSE seminar at the Nexus Lab in IMBIT (building 201) from 1 to 5 pm. On this afternoon, the two speakers, Prof. Ulrike Wallrabe and Prof. Christiane Werner, will start the series and give the following two lectures:

  • Microsystem technologies and their outdoor challenges (Prof. Wallrabe)
  • Impact of tree adaptations on ecosystem processes (Prof. Werner)

You can find an overview of the complete programme here:

ECOSENSE is an interdisciplinary research project funded by the German Research Foundation. Through a sensor network, critical changes in the forest ecosystem are to be detected and predicted more precisely and quickly. Detailed information can be found here:

  • What: First seminar / lecture of the DFG SFB 1537 ECOSENSE
  • When: 01.2023, 1 to 5pm
  • Where: Nexus Lab at IMBIT (Building 201)
  • Organiser: SFB 1537 - ECOSENSE of the University of Freiburg, Speakers: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Wallrabe, Prof. Dr. Christiane Werner
  • Language: English


Dr. Julia Schwarz
Scientific Coordinator of SFB-1537 ECOSENSE
Chair of Ecosystem Physiology, University of Freiburg
Georges-Köhler-Allee 53/54, 79110 Freiburg, Germany
Phone: +49-761-203-8303


Kerstin Steiger-Merx
Representative PR/Marketing
Faculty of Engineering
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