New Dean Prof. Yiannos Manoli

On October 1st, 2012, Prof. Dr. Yiannos Manoli, Fritz Huettinger Chair of Microelectronics, Department of Microsystems Engineering, will become Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. He takes over the office from his precursor Prof. Dr. Bernd Becker, Department of Computer Science.



Prof. Dr. Yiannos Manoli / Source: IMTEK

The Faculty of Engineering consists of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Microsystems Engineering. Founded in 1995, it represents the eleventh and thus the youngest faculty of the University of Freiburg. 1400 students, 40 professors, and 450 research and technical associates shape its future.

The professorate and the staff of the Faculty of Engineering express their gratitude to Prof. Becker for his excellent achievements over the past two years and wish Prof. Manoli all the best during his term of office.


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