New piezo actuators developed at the microactuators lab

New actuation modes for free-form out-of-plane displacement of piezo membranes have been published by researchers of the IMTEK microactuators laboratory.



In a fast track communication at Smart Materials and Structures and in a talk at the MST Congress, Matthias Wapler, Jens Brunne and Ulrike Wallrabe present a new actuation mode for the free-form out-of-plane displacement of single piezo layers, based on concepts from differential geometry. The new actuators allow for sharper curvatures and can support higher forces at larger displacements than present piezo bending actuators. An application has been realized with free-form adaptive mirrors, presented in a talk at the IEEE Optical MEMS conference in Kanazawa, where they also showed as an example the world’s first adaptive “sechicon” mirror.

In a second concept, Matthias Wapler, Moritz Stürmer, Jens Brunne and Ulrike Wallrabe developed electrode structures to tune the strain ratio of piezo sheets to continuously adjust a bending actuator anywhere between a spherical and a saddle-shaped displacement profile. This work has been presented by Moritz Stürmer in a talk at the MST Congress and in application as a deformable mirror in a talk at the Optical MEMS conference and has been submitted to Smart Materials and Structures.


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