Awards at the Department of Computer Science

The Chair of Computer Architecture is pleased about four new awards

Prof. Armin Biere, Chair of Computer Architecture, was awarded four internationally renowned research prizes over the summer months.

 „We are honoured and very proud to receive these awards this summer showing the impact of both our past and ongoing work in Freiburg“, says Biere.

The following awards were given:

  1. DAC’23 Most Influential 1990s Paper Award

The DAC'99 BMC paper received the 1990s DAC Most Influential Paper (MIP) Award at the sixtieth DAC'23 in San Francisco as "An earlier (between 1964 and 2000) DAC paper that demonstrated a significant academic and/or industrial impact on one or more DAC research topics at that time."

  1. SAT’23 Test-of-Time Award

The SAT'04 „Resolve and Expand“ paper laid the foundation for expansion-based QBF solvers and won the Test-of-Time Award at the SAT’23 conference.

  1. High-lighted paper SAT‘03

At the SAT’23 conference the SAT’23 program chairs declared three outstanding papers as „high-light“ papers including our SAT’23 paper „PASIR-Up: User Propagators for CDCL“, which is joint work of University Freiburg, Stanford University and TU Wien.

  1. SAT Competition 2023 Medals

As part of the CaDiCaL_vivinst submission for the CaDiCaL Hack Track of the 2023 SAT Competition, Florian Pollitt, Computer Science Master's student in Freiburg, took first place in the Hack Track (gold medal) and third place in the Main Track on satisfiable instances (bronze medal).



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