First Startup BBQ at the Faculty of Engineering

Meet Founders & Connect

The Faculty of Engineering and the University of Freiburg's Startup Office (Gründungsbüro) are jointly organising the first Startup BBQ.

New event: Startup BBQ at the Faculty of Engineering

  • Meet awesome startups,
  • exchange ideas with other people interested in founding,
  • make contacts and learn from experienced founders

all while enjoying a BBQ and a cool drink at at special place!

June 11, 2024 is Startup BBQ day!  

We have invited exciting startups that have just been founded or have been up and running for a few years and have a lot to tell. We also provide you with information on who you can turn to with your startup idea and where and how you can learn a lot more about entrepreneurship.  

Our panel guests are:

Najoua Bolakhrif (GLAPE)
Natalie Garzorz-Stark (Dermagnostix)
Markus Ihmsen (FIFTY2 Technology)
Roland Zengerle (Faculty of Engineering)  

After the panel discussion, there will be a BBQ outside of the livMatS Shell where you can connect with our guests and each other. The BBQ will takes place in and around the livMatS Shell on the Faculty of Engineering campus.

At the beginning of the event, Prof. Jürgen Rühe will give a short introduction about the extraordinary building and the livMatS cluster itself.  

The event will be held in English.

You can find more information and the link to register here:


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