Science Day with Robert Bosch GmbH

Dr. Volkmar Denner (CEO) und Dr. Michael Bolle (CTO) of the Robert Bosch GmbH visit the Faculty of Engineering



From left to right: Prof. Brox, Prof. Hutter, Dr. Bolle, Dr. Denner, Prof. Dehé, Prof. Manoli

During their visit, Dr. Denner und Dr. Bolle were informed about the research activities at the Department of Computer Science in the areas of Autonomous Intelligent Systems (Prof. Dr. Burgard), Computer Vision (Prof. Dr. Brox), and Machine Learning (Prof. Dr. Hutter). At the Department of Microsystems Engineering they were able to get first-hand information on the newest research results in sensor and microelectronic developments in the groups of Prof. Dr. Dehé (Georg H. Endress Professorship for Smart Systems Integration) and Prof. Dr. Manoli (Fritz Huettinger Chair of Microelectronics).


Several demonstrators and the joint presentation with Hahn-Schickard highlighted the practical aspect of the research activities as well as their applications.


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