BioFluidix: A New Start-Up from the Laboratory of MEMS Applications

On April 1, 2005, Dr. Peter Koltay – a former group leader at the laboratory for MEMS Applications – together with partners established the new start-up company BioFluidix.



On April 1, 2005, the new start-up company BioFluidix established by the former group leader Dr. Peter Koltay, became operational. BioFluidix will support researchers and users by professional products in the field of advanced picoliter and nanoliter dispensing technologies. We wish Peter good luck and a good business!

BioFluidix's first product is the TopSpot® E microarrayer. The benchtop system is based on the 24 channel and/or 96 channel TopSpot printheads and is designed for printing individual microarray slides by manual operation. Its low cost, small size, stand-alone capability, ease of use and last but not least the outstanding printing quality makes TopSpot® E the ideal choice for decentralised laboratories.

In the future, BioFluidix will continue in commercialisation of other innovative dosage technologies developed in the laboratory of MEMS Applications ranging from the nanoliter to the picoliter range.

The research in the IMTEK-Laboratory of MEMS Applications is directed towards application oriented topics mainly in the life sciences. We measure the impact of our work by several criteria


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