Cleanroom Service Center under new management

Since March 2021, Björn Gerdes is head of IMTEK's Cleanroom Service Center (RSC).



Photo: IMTEK, Björn Gerdes

Gerdes studied microsystems engineering at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Freiburg from 2007-2013. After completing his master's degree, he became research assistant at the Laboratory for MEMS Applications (Prof. Zengerle) at IMTEK. In 2019, he successfully completed his PhD in microfluidics and became post-doc at at the Laboratory for MEMS Applications in the research group "Cell Printing" for one year and joined Hahn-Schickard subsequently. At Hahn-Schickard he was employed as development engineer in the group "Autonomous Fluidic Systems" and developed, among other things, laboratory automation for personalized cancer therapy as well as standardization procedures in the field of bioprinting.

At the RSC, he is responsible for providing the cleanroom infrastructure for research and teaching at IMTEK.


Dr. Björn Gerdes
Phone.: +49 761 203-7064



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