Dr. Jan Burchard wins 2019 Südwestmetall Prize

Every year, the association of metal and electrical industry employers in Baden-Württemberg awards the prize endowed with 5,000 euros to one researcher at each of the universities in the state for outstanding scientific achievements.



Dr. Stefan Wolf (left), chairman of Südwestmetall, presents the prize to Jan Burchard. Photo: Südwestmetall/Wagner

This year’s winner at University of Freiburg is Dr. Jan Burchard. He receives the prize for his doctoral thesis „Applying Advanced SAT-Based Techniques to Circuit Testing“, which he wrote during his time in Prof. Dr. Bernd Becker's working group on Computer Architecture at the Institute of Computer Science.

For further Information see also www.pr.uni-freiburg.de/pm-en/personalia-en/computer-scientist-wins-2019-sudwestmetall-prize


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