Novel tunable mirror for miniature mirror objectives

The lab for micro actuators has published a novel type of varifocal mirror with aspherical aberration correction that enables new compact telefocus lenses, e.g. for mobile applications.



In this paper, M. Wapler et al. present a varifocal mirror based on a piezo-actuated glass membrane that can be used as a secondary mirror in miniature Cassegrain-type mirror- or catadioptric objectives. With their folded lightpath, such objectives feature large apertures and focal lengths at a short overall length. The mirror section has a diameter of 10 mm on a clear membrane diameter of 23 mm, with a focal range of ±8 m−1 and a response time on the millisecond-scale. The two piezo layers enable an aspherical tuning range that covers the elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic regime over most of the focal range to correct geometric optical aberrations. They demonstrate the application of the mirror in a simple catadioptric (combined mirror and refractive) telefocus objective with a focal length of 68 mm at an aperture of 22 mm and a thickness of 16.6 mm.

Full text (open access):


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