Informatica feminale at the Faculty of Engineering

Ana Belen Amada Rey leads workshop on wearable sensors

The informatica feminale will take place at the Faculty of Engineering from 30.07. - 03.08.2024. Dr.-Ing. Ana Belen Amada Rey, PostDoc in Biomedical Microtechnology at the Department of Microsystems Engineering, will lead the workshop IF24-H25 Wearable Sensors: Signal Processing of Physiological Parameters with MATLAB.

The wearable technology market exponentially increases day by day and has potential applications in the medical field. Fitness devices attached in the wrist give you information about your pulse, oxygen saturation and blood pressure. But how is this information extracted? How is the data of those wearables processed to obtain those values? How is the operator error reduced?

In this workshop you will learn how wearable sensors non-invasively measure your vital parameters. You will acquire with sensors row signals at your wrist, finger and throat. Afterwards you will implement signal processing techniques in Matlab to reduce noise and to reliably quantify your own pulse, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. With this workshop you will learn the principles of the wearables used to look into critical parameters of your artery, how to apply efficient algorithms to obtain reliable results, and how to perform accurate continuous measurements to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Detailed information on the workshop and registration can be found here.


Dr.-Ing. Ana Belen Amado Rey
Department of Microsystems Engineering – IMTEK
Laboratory Biomedical Microtechnology

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