Women SHAPING Knowledge: Sonia Dsoke

When passion is unleashed

“In science, you don’t work for money or fame: it has to be your hobby, and your work actually makes up a big part of your life,” says Sonia Dsoke. Anyone who has this enthusiasm for knowledge will be able to overcome many hurdles. She can tell, because Sonia Dsoke herself has come a long way with quite a few hurdles in her research career. This journey began in Camerino, Italy, where she studied chemistry and completed her PhD in electrochemistry. In Italy, it is actually usual to stay close to your family, explains Sonia Dsoke, and in the same sentence, she explains how she broke with this tradition to come to Germany. It was the only way she had the chance to continue her career in science. Leaving her home country brought with it a huge cultural change: she especially remembers her first winter in Ulm as gray and cold, but she grew accustomed to it and ended up living there for 7 years. Nevertheless, she is happy that she now lives in Freiburg, the sunniest city in Germany.

More on Women SHAPING Knowledge: https://uni-freiburg.de/fsw/sonia-dsoke-eng/


Prof. Sonia Dsoke
Electrochemical Energy Carriers and Storage Systems
Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering - INATECH
E-Mail: sonia.dsoke@inatech.uni-freiburg.de

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