CRC (Collaborative Research Centre) "Planar Optronic Systems" kick-off event



With a well-attended kick-off event in Freiburg, the CRC (Collaborative Research Centre) “Planar Optronic Systems” was formally launched on January 31, 2013. Meeting at IMTEK, the 35 researchers involved in the CRC, from Freiburg, Hannover, Clausthal and Braunschweig, formulated the ambitious goals of the Centre and presented the 19 individual projects. All of these projects are highly interdisciplinary and, in the first four years, will cement the collaborative efforts between the four universities.

This twelve-year CRC, funded by the German Research Foundation, intends to develop thin printable optical foils consisting of large arrays of optical sensors. The Centre is managed by Prof. Hans Zappe of IMTEK and Prof. Ludger Overmeyer of the Institute for Transport and Automation Technology of the University of Hannover.


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