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Recent research article “Biosensor-Enabled Multiplexed On-Site Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Antibiotics” from the Junior Research Group “Disposable Microsystems” is highlighted on the inside front cover of new Advanced Materials issue.



We are at risk of losing the power of antibiotics, as the rate of antibiotic resistance is rising to dangerous levels. New agents are becoming ineffective much more rapidly than what happened in the previous decades, while the celerity of our new inventions alarmingly falls behind. This bottleneck mandates the re-evaluation of our battle strategy about how we utilize the existing antibiotics. Recent in vitro data reveal that the development of antibiotic resistance could be slowed down by individualization of the antibiotic dosage regimen. Such an individualized scheme, however, need frequent sampling to tailor the blood antibiotic concentrations.

In this article, H. Ceren Ates, Can Dincer and colleagues introduce the first electrochemical biosensor, with a synthetic-biology-enabled antibody-free assay, for temporal monitoring of antibiotics in exhaled breath condensate, along with a correlation study exploring the link between monitored drug levels. The validation of the findings with gold-standard measurements demonstrates the suitability of the system as a low-cost, rapid, and sample-independent tool to shift the paradigm of the “one size-fits-all” strategy for combating antibiotic resistance.

This cover image is created by Ella Maru Studio.

The open access article can be accessed for free: Ates, H. C., Mohsenin, H., Wenzel, C., Glatz, R. T., Wagner, H. J., Bruch, R., Hoefflin, N., Spassov, S., Streicher, L., Lozano-Zahonero, S., Flamm, B., Trittler, R., Hug, M. J., Köhn, M., Schmidt, J., Schumann, S., Urban, G. A., Weber, W., Dincer, C., “Biosensor-Enabled Multiplexed On-Site Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Antibiotics”, Advanced Materials, 2022, 34(2), 2104555. DOI:


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