Well done students!

In the System Design Project, our students inspire with great robots

More than 400 first-year students from the Faculty of Engineering started and participated with their self-built robots on 14.02.23. The participants presented solutions to tricky problems in the categories fastest robot, most innovative robot and best designed robot.

Equipped with LEGO MINDSTORMS, the students worked in teams of four for several months to build a robot that could autonomously drive around a course.

Taking part is everything

On this course, the robots have to overcome slopes, load a ball, clear an obstacle and finally unload the ball again. It can happen that one or the other robot flies off the course, doesn’t make it up the incline or loses the ball - no matter, because the competition is much more than just robotics: the students come together from different courses of study and work in interdisciplinary teams with a lot of joy and fun on a great joint project.

The competition was excellently organised by doctoral students and research assistants from the professorships of Rupitsch (Laboratory for Electrical Instrumentation and Embedded Systems, IMTEK) and Ambacher (Chair for Power Electronics, INATECH). Special thanks go to Alexander Richter and Till Steinmann and the entire team who set up the course, coordinated the entire competition and set up a livestream so that interested people who were not on site could also take part in the exciting races. Prof. Rupitsch and Prof. Ambacher moderated the event in an extremely entertaining manner. The spectators vigorously cheered on the participants on site or followed the competition on the livestream until the winners were decided in the early evening.

A big thank you goes to the company TRUMPF Hüttinger, without whom a competition in this form would not have been possible, and to the Verband der Freunde der Universität Freiburg e.V. for their active support.

We are proud of our students and congratulate all participants! Of course, an especially big round of applause goes to our winners this year!

Fastest robot / 1st place
13/13 tasks in 1 minute, 41 seconds and 32 milliseconds
Team no. #126 / Group name: 404 Group not found
- Brugger, Hanna (Sustainable Systems Engineering)
- Dickmann, Amelie (Sustainable Systems Engineering)
- Fandrey, Luca (Sustainable Systems Engineering)
- Schmidt, Moritz Adrian (Computer Science)

Fastest robot / 2nd place
13/13 tasks in 1 minute, 56 seconds and 3 milliseconds
Team No. #102 / Group name: Part-time computer scientists
- Cheri, Claudio (Computer Science & Economics)
- Foerderer, Peter (Physics)
- Hauser, Tobias (Computer Science & Music)
- Mackert, Michel (Computer Science & Economics)

Fastest robot / 3rd place
13/13 tasks in 2 minutes, 1 second and 22 milliseconds
Team No. #104 / Group name: Tortellini
- Keller, Alexander Horst (Computer Science)
- Schmidt-Neuhaus, Lara (Sustainable Systems Engineering)
- Schneider, Gerd (Sustainable Systems Engineering)
- Uihlein, Kasimir (Computer Science)

Winner Innovation / 1st place
6/16 tasks in 52 seconds and 98 milliseconds
Team No. #012 / Group name: Y Space?
- Deitigsmann, Levin (Embedded Systems Engineering)
- Eilers, Max Justus Cord (Embedded Systems Engineering)
- Schreck, Julian (Embedded Systems Engineering)
- Schweigart, Max Philipp (Microsystems Engineering)

Winner Design / 1st Place
4/13 tasks in 59 seconds and 09 milliseconds
Team No. #114 / Group name: Lorem Ipsum
- Bach, Philipp (Computer Science)
- Fineiß, Sarah (Sustainable Systems Engineering)
- Huai, Mengde (Computer Science)
- Marmo, Gianluca (Microsystems Engineering)


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