Gips-Schüle Young Scientist Award for Juan Francisco Martínez Sánchez

Dr. -Ing. Juan Francisco Martínez Sánchez from INATECH has set a world record for efficiency with his innovative EyeCon photovoltaic module and has been awarded the Gips-Schüle Young Scientist Prize for his development.



Juan Francisco Martínez Sánchez

To achieve the high efficiency of 34.2 percent with an output of 350 watts per square metre, Martínez Sánchez combined two different technologies, the proven silicon photovoltaics with concentrator photovoltaics. The former achieves an efficiency of around 24 percent and also uses the diffuse light on a cloudy day. The quadruple junction solar cells of the concentrator photovoltaic modules can reach efficiencies of up to 47.6 percent, but can only convert direct sunlight and are therefore less suitable for our latitudes.

Martínez Sánchez has now succeeded in combining both technologies with his EyeCon Hybrid CPV/PV module: "I wanted to extend the geographical applicability of CPV technology to regions with high electricity demand, such as Europe, where the proportion of direct sunlight is lower."

The Gips-Schüle Young Scientist Award is endowed with €10,000 and is awarded for outstanding doctoral theses. Important award criteria are application relevance and innovation potential. "We are delighted to receive this award from the Gips-Schüle Foundation," said Prof. Stefan Glunz, Professor of Photovoltaic Energy Conversion at INATECH and supervisor of the doctoral thesis. "The EyeCon module is the most efficient technology for converting sunlight into electricity and shows the great potential of solar energy."

The quadruple solar cell hybrid module "EyeCon" was included in the internationally recognised solar cell efficiency table of the trade journal Progress in Photovoltaics.


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