Faculty of Engineering News

Senate Elects Two New Vice Rectors

The Senate of the University of Freiburg has elected two new part-time vice rectors: Gisela Riescher (Faculty of Humanities) will be responsable for academic integrity, equal opprtunity and diversity, Margit Zacharias (Faculty of Engineering, Department of Microsystems Engineering) for technolgy transfer and innovation.

Optofluidic router featured in Nature Photonics

A recent article in "Lab on a Chip" describing an optofluidic optical router developed by the Gisela and Erwin Sick Chair of Micro-optics in collaboration with CSIC in Barcelona, Spain, was featured as a "Research Highlight" by Nature Photonics (On-chip router,” Nature Photonics, vol. 8, p. 85, 2014). The fully integrated router relies solely on electrically-movable liquid-liquid interfaces for switching optical signals and is based on micromachined glass and polymer materials.

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