IMTEK careers: Timo Lindemann accepts position as R&D engineer at Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart

Timo Lindemann worked in the microfluidics simulation group at the IMTEK – Laboratory for MEMS Applications (Prof. Zengerle) from August 2002 till February 2006. Now he was offered a permanent position at Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart / Schillerhoehe as



Timo Lindemann is close to finish his PhD thesis at the laboratory of MEMS Applications (Prof. Zengerle) on “Droplet Generation: From the Nanoliter to the Femtoliter Range” where he pioneered the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation tools to study the droplet release processes in various dispensing technologies developed at the laboratory. Among those are Inkjet-Dispensers, the TopSpot and Dispensing Well Plate Technology, the PipeJet dispenser and Aerosol generators.


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