IMTEK / Lab careers: Dr. Maximilian Focke accepts position as R&D engineer at QIAGEN GmbH Hilden

Maximilian Focke was committed to the Lab-on-a-Chip group for more than four years. Now, Max was offered a position as R&D Engineer at the headquarters of QIAGEN GmbH in Hilden as of July 2011.



Maximilian Focke’s research was dedicated to development of new microfluidic analysis systems for nucleic acids based on microstructured polymer foils. These “Lab-on-a-Foil” systems open up new opportunities for microfluidic applications in the life sciences. Max described a novel fabrication process for Lab-on-a-Foil systems in his PhD thesis. He also realised a number of biochemical assays for DNA analysis on these new kind of Lab-on-a-Chip systems. In 2010 he was also awarded the Research Award by the Forum of Applied Microsystems Engineering (FAM).
After more than four year at the Laboratory for MEMS Applications Max accepted a position as research and development engineer at QIAGEN GmbH. He will work in the headquarters in Hilden.


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