IMTEK careers: Dr. Thilo Brenner joins Roche Diagnostics as a PERSPECTIVES Trainee

Dr. Thilo Brenner, former PhD student at the Lab-on-a-Chip group of the Laboratory for MEMS Applications, begins the “PERSPECTIVES Trainee program” at Roche Diagnostics as of February 2006.



The PERSPECTIVE Program is a two year TALENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM especially designed to develop future leaders at Roche. It contains three to four project assignments within a minimum of two different Business Areas, functions and countries. Furthermore the participants win hands-on experience in production as well as in sales and marketing. The objective is to provide members of the program with a broad and deep insight into Roche Diagnostics’ business and to develop leadership competencies. In the long-term Roche wants to strengthen the competence and readiness to take over senior leadership responsibilities, based on demonstrated sustained, outstanding performance.

Thilo Brenner finished his PhD thesis on “Polymer Fabrication and Microfluidic Unit Operations for Medical Diagnostics on a Rotating Disk” in December 2005 at the laboratory of MEMS Applications.


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