Women SHAPING Knowledge: Gresa Shala

Learning about life from machines

Powerful codes, grounding routines and inspiring role models – Gresa Shala talks about this with a euphoria that makes the otherwise quiet doctoral student beam. Artificial intelligence (AI), especially meta-learning, is “the thing that keeps me wanting to do research,” says Gresa. In the Representation Learning Group at the University of Freiburg, she has found exactly the right place to give free rein to her thirst for knowledge. In this interview, I get to look behind the cool facade of a woman who has followed the call of AI across Europe.

More on Women SHAPING Knowledge: https://uni-freiburg.de/fsw/gresa-shala-eng/


Gresa Shala
Department of Computer Science - IIF
E-Mail: shalag@cs.uni-freiburg.de

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Science Communication and Strategy Division
Marketing & Events
University of Freiburg
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Kerstin Steiger-Merx
Representative PR/Marketing
Faculty of Engineering
University of Freiburg
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