Fabian Stumpf wins Best Poster Award at the Biosensors Conference 2014

For his Poster on “Non-contact single cell printing for single cell real-time PCR", Fabian Stumpf (HSG-IMIT) and his colleagues from the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK), the research cluster BIOSS Centre for Biological Signalling Studies and BioFluidix were awarded the best poster award at the Biosensors conference.



PhD candidate Fabian Stumpf

The conference took place in Melbourne (Australia) from May, 27 until 30. Out of 650 posters, the jury selected 3 winning posters – one for each conference day.

He presented a proof-of-concept study about real-time single cell PCR in a commercial off-the-shelf thermocycler. The cells were automatically separated with the “Single cell Printer” (SCP) and transferred to PCR reaction chamber. The SCP technology is a technology used in the life sciences for printing single living cells in order to enable them for further analysis. Applications are mainly cancer and stem cell research but also technologies for the production of mono-clonal cell lines. The technology was developed within the EU project PASCA. Fabian Stumpf is a PhD Candidate working in the joint Lab-on-a-Chip Division of the Lab for MEMS Applications at IMTEK and HSG-IMIT in Freiburg. The research group at IMTEK is planning on commercializing the SCP technology through a spin-off company and is already providing prototypes for exclusive users (see SCOD project).

Poster title: Non-contact single cell printing for single cell real-time PCR. F. Stumpf, J. Schöndube, A. Gross, G. Roth, R. Zengerle, P. Koltay




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