Misha Mahowald Prize for the "Bionic Arm"

The TIME electrode is part of a new type of arm prosthesis. For their innovative invention, the team "The Bionic Arm" receives the Misha Mahowald Prize.



Photo: Klaus Polkowski

For the development of an innovative bionic arm prosthesis, an international research group with participation from Freiburg receives the extremely prestigious Misha Mahowald Prize for neuromorphic technology. The electrode used in the award-winning work as an interface between technology and body was developed by Prof. Dr. Thomas Stieglitz and his colleagues at the Institute for Microsystem Technology.

By restoring the sensory feedback from the limb to the brain, a patient with an arm amputation can develop a sense of touch through the biomimetic coding of the electrical stimulation as if the prosthesis were their own arm. This ability can make it much easier for the user to control the prosthesis and significantly improve other functions, such as gripping sensitive objects.

The Misha Mahowald Prize has been awarded every year since 2016 for outstanding research in the field of neuromorphic technology. The US $ 10,000 prize pool this year will be split between two teams.


"Biomimetic intraneural sensory feedback enhances sensation naturalness, tactile sensitivity, and manual dexterity in a bidirectional prosthesis." Neuron (2018) 100.1: 37-45,  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.neuron.2018.08.033


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