The call of the Black Forest

Trip for new Master’s students of SSE

11 January saw 34 new Master students of the Sustainable Systems Engineering program head out to Seebrugg to enjoy truly splendid winter weather - despite strikes that deadlocked public transport. Glorious blue skies and snow-covered grounds awaited the international group and made the two days extra special. The youth hostel Schluchsee-Seebrugg was the perfect location for the agenda, which ranged from ice-breaker activities to workshops and informative presentations.

Many lecturers of the INATECH also joined enthusiastically and took advantage of the opportunity to both meet the new students and advertise their own courses, which the students can elect in the following semesters.

“It is very important to us to offer this trip once a year to our new SSE students,” explains program coordinator Ester Gnandt. “We want the students, who come from all over the world to study here in Freiburg, to connect to each other and form strong bonds. It may even be the first time that some of them see this much, or indeed any, snow since they come from countries where snow is not common. Additionally, the trip is the perfect opportunity for them to get to know the lecturers in a relaxed atmosphere, which promotes a sense of belonging among the students.”

Thank you very much to all who have been involved in planning and realizing this trip, especially to the program coordinators Renata Harder and Ester Gnandt for organizing it.


Ester Gnandt
Program Coordinator SSE

Prof. Dr. Anke Weidlich
Dean of Studies SSE

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