We design the future

Computer science is a dynamic field of study. It continues to develop at a rapid speed, and new visions are always on the horizon. At the Department of Computer Science, our goal is to transform our visions into tomorrow’s solutions.



Computer science has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives. We interact with computer science all the time—whether we’re using our cell phones, shopping online, driving, or just turning on a washing machine. In short: We teach and research to make the world function better.

Computer science is more than just a branch of engineering; it also a tool for basic research—for example, when improving mathematical models, data structures, and algorithms designed for specific tasks. Thanks to computer science, complex online searches can now be answered in fractions of a second. Navigation devices can react instantly to changes in traffic, and simulations and visualizations can run at a speed and level of quality that until recently was unimaginable.

The diversity of computer science and the many connections it shares with other fields are what make it so exciting.

The Department of Computer Science is a new and modern department, equipped with the latest technology. Get to know us and be a part of what we do as a student or staff member.

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