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University of Freiburg awards four prizes with a total value of 280,000 euros



Photo: Patrick Seeger

Games in sports classes, digitization in law, the basics of chemistry and machine learning as professional skills qualifications: The University of Freiburg has given its teaching prize of 70,000 euros, the Instructional Development Award (IDA), to each of four projects. The projects run for a maximum of 18 months and begin on 1 October 2019. In this time, the money is available to the prizewinners to use for their projects. For instance they can use it to engage someone else to take over their classes or to hire research assistants or temporary staff.

Professor Dr. Thorsten Schmidt, Assistant Professor Dr. Philipp Harms and Prof. Dr. Frank Hutter (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Institute): Machine learning and artificial intelligence in Freiburg

Machine learning has developed rapidly in recent years and is entering more and more new areas - such as image and speech recognition, robotics and medicine. As a result, it is increasingly becoming a key qualification in university studies, and is in great demand among students. The aim of this project is to develop a cross-disciplinary teaching concept for machine learning that meets the high demand for it as well as a variety of different objectives. To this end, a modular framework of various teaching units will be designed; it will be available digitally and so can be integrated into existing teaching formats in many subjects.

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