Wearable Computing and Digital Twins

Inspiring inaugural lecture by Prof. Oliver Amft

On December 14, 2023, Prof. Oliver Amft, Intelligent Embedded Systems, gave his inaugural lecture, in which he addressed the exciting topic of sensor-based wearables and digital twins. Numerous students, employees, professors and guests from industry, medicine and Hahn-Schickard, the founder of the chair, were present in the lecture hall of Building 101 of the Faculty of Engineering.

After a warm welcome and introductory words from Prof. Armin Biere, Managing Director of the Department of Computer Science, Prof. Amft presented his inaugural lecture with great passion and expertise. The focus was on the research and application of medical wearables and the creation of human digital twins. Wearables with sensors and artificial intelligence methods can record behaviour, physiology and environmental condition in everyday life and therefore complement information that is being collected in medical centres. Impressive examples in the lecture were the GastroDigitalShirt, which makes gastrointestinal sounds accessible for medical diagnosis, and intelligent spectacle frames, which help to record nutritional behaviour. Through the extensive amount of personal information created by wearables, as well as its processing by powerful machine learning algorithms, human digital twins can be created. The virtual representations of human processes or systems in digital twins are being created using data models and sensor data to obtain an accurate replica of the real world within the computer. Human digital twins enable the team of Prof. Amft to generate extensive data about the human body that is used to develop new, patient-specific algorithms as well as wearables.

After the presentation of the latest trends in the field, a reception and poster session were held. Besides the current research directions of the chair, additional exciting research of the associated research groups at Hahn-Schickard were presented in the poster’s session. The event was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas across experts and practitioners from science and industry.



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