Rapid Detection of Malaria

Konstantinos Mitsakakis at the Lab for MEMS Applications at IMTEK is coordinating the research project DiscoGnosis, which started in November.



Plastic disposable disc (left) inserted into the Point-of-Care detection platform (right). Source: IMTEK/Bernd Müller

An estimated 220 million people become infected with malaria each year. The disease is often lethal – particularly in tropical developing countries with insufficient health care services. The infected suffer from a high fever. As this is also the case with other germs, however, it is important to conduct a rapid and precise analysis to determine the cause of the disease for a successful therapy. A team of researchers aims to develop a rapid test of this kind within the context of the project DiscoGnosis. Launched in November 2012, the project will receive three million euros in funding from the European Union and is being coordinated by the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) of the University of Freiburg.

The whole press release can be read here.



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