Käpsele Innovation Festival

Prof. Amft speaks about the digitalization of humans

The Faculty of Engineering is delighted that Prof. Oliver Amft will be a speaker at the Käpsele Innovation Festival at the Freiburger Zelt-Musik-Festival (ZMF) on July 15, 2024. As Professor of Intelligent Embedded Systems at the Department of Computer Science, he will talk about the digitalization of humans through innovative body sensors.

A highlight on site will be his lecture entitled "From personal data to the transparent human being?", in which he will focus on innovative wearable systems that use sensors to record processes in the human body and behavioral patterns in everyday life. Through the use of machine learning processes, this sensor data will become the basis for decisions, e.g. adapting training plans to monitor health or personalized recommendations for lifestyle or nutrition. Furthermore, such data could also be used for medical diagnoses or therapies.

Meet Prof. Amft and be part of this exciting event! Further information on the program and tickets at: : www.innovation-festival.de

About the Käpsele Innovation Festival:

The Käpsele Innovation Festival is a joint event organized by IHK Südlicher Oberrhein, Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe/Freiburg Wirtschaft und Innovation and Zukunft Raum Schwarzwald. The festival brings together representatives from SMEs, global market leaders, start-ups and regional innovation luminaries to discuss topics such as GreenTech, MedTech and Metaverse with national and international role models. The event offers speakers and experience areas on current future topics.


Prof. Dr. Oliver Amft
Intelligent Embedded Systems Lab
Department of Computer Science – IIF
E-mail: oliver.amft@informatik.uni-freiburg.de

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