Ultrafast adaptive lenses using piezo-glass membranes

Novel adaptive lenses can focus in just 100 microseconds and simultaneously correct optical aberrations on a minimal footprint using a piezo-glass composite membrane



In a new publication, Dr. Matthias Wapler from the chair for micro actuators shows a highly optimized lens based on an innovative actuation principle originally invented by him. Using a combination of bending and buckling, the lenses can simultaneously change their focal power and aspherical profile. By optimizing the geometric parameters of the composite membrane, new compliant elastomer-based mechanics, new fabrication techniques and custom-made optical fluids, he was able to achieve 7.6 mm clear aperture with just 9 mm diameter of the lens – including the actuation mechanism. This optimized geometry further reduced the response time to just 100 microseconds and the fabrication process provides high-quality surfaces with a wavefront error of just one quarter of the wavelength. This enables extremely fast focusing and scanning applications and more compact high-quality imaging.


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