Neurotechnology in the Pub

Podcast on current topics in neurotechnology with a participant from Freiburg




Exchange new reserach ideas, results or episodes from everyday scientific life in a cozy pub in a relaxed atmosphere with international colleagues from your own specialist field? Like so many other things, this is not possible in times of a pandemic. That is why the American neurotech company Paradromics created the "Neurotech Pub", a podcast with some of the most influential people in neurotechnology. In the most recent of the 3 episodes so far, Prof. Dr. Thomas Stieglitz from the Chair of Biomedical Microtechnology can be heard as a guest on the topic of "Stability of Implants". In the "Neurotech Pub", you also have direct access to links to the labs and publications of the guests involved.

The podcast can be heard here:





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