Dr. Peter Koltay abstains from professorship at University of Rostock and continues work at IMTEK and BioFluidix GmbH

The University of Rostock has recently offered Dr. Peter Koltay, Laboratory for MEMS Applications, a professorship in "Fluid and Microfluid Technology".



The University of Freiburg proudly recognizes that this is the first time that an academic offspring of IMTEK has been called for teaching to another University.

After careful considerations Dr. Koltay finally abstained from taking up the professorship at the http://www.uni-rostock.de/ (University of Rostock) in favour of accepting a permanent position as chief engineer in the laboratory for MEMS applications at IMTEK. There he is in charge now of coordinating the research activities of Prof. Zengerle's group at IMTEK, while at the same time he is able to continue his engagement as managing director of http://www.biofluidix.com/ (BioFluidix GmbH)  to commercialize micro dispensing technologies developed by IMTEK and HSG-IMIT.


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