Alumni Award 2014

The students Matthias Breitwieser (MSc Mikrosystemtechnik) and Daniel Leinfelder (MSc Computer Science) receive the Alumni Award 2014.



Daniel Leinfelder and Matthias Breitwieser

The Alumni-Prize is „Awarded to students or graduates who apply and share  knowledge and skills acquired during their studies in voluntary social, cultural, or educational activities.“ 

Matthias Breitwieser (M.Sc. Mikrosystemtechnik)
recieves the Award for his outstanding commitment for Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. (Engineers without Borders). He helped installing a photovoltaic system for a children‘s hospital in Port-au-Prince (Haiti).

Daniel Leinfelder (M. Sc. Computer Science)
receives the Award for his outstanding commitment for the Fachschaft (student representation) and as a tutor in the Campus dormitory. He has set up the new exam database for students. In addition, he is involved in a non-profit VoIP project and he works as a tutor for the campus dormitory.


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