Ask Us Anything about Galaxy

Live webinar about the Galaxy project and

The Galaxy project ( develops an infrastructure for data analysis of multiple scientific disciplines. The Galaxy communities come from scientific fields such as life sciences, astrophysics, climate science, material science, and digital humanities. The European Galaxy server provides over 3,500 free bioinformatics tools for data analysis, analysis workflows, training material with over 400 tutorials (, and a huge computational infrastructure accessible through the Galaxy interface.

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When: 19.07.2024, 11:00
Where: online

There will be Galaxy developers, admins, data analysts, and trainers online to answer your questions.

Register here to the live Q&A session about the Galaxy project and the European Galaxy server.


Dr. Anika Erxleben-Eggenhofer
Bioinformatics Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Freiburg
Tel.: 0049 761 203 54130

Kerstin Steiger-Merx
Representative PR/Marketing
Faculty of Engineering
University of Freiburg
Tel.: 0761/203-8056