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Gerda and Fritz Ruf are the first couple to become Honorary Senators of the University of Freiburg - Introducing two people who cultivate the pioneering spirit



Fritz and Gerda Ruf have many reasons to visit their old hometown of Freiburg, including their involvement in the company Trumpf Hüttinger, which was founded by Gerda Ruf’s father in 1922. Photo: Thomas Kunz

It’s not every day that a wife and husband are named Honorary Senators of the University of Freiburg, like Gerda and Dr. Fritz Ruf in June 2018. Actually, this is the first time. The university distinguishes persons who have renders special services to the university by conferring on them the title of Honorary Senator. The Rufs founded the Fritz-Hüttinger-Stiftung (Fritz Hüttinger Foundation) in 2006, and through their foundation, they have been supporting their alma mater for quite some time already. One of their accomplishments is the establishment of the Fritz Hüttinger Chair of Microelectronics, which was not only the first professorship to be named after someone at the University of Freiburg, but also set the course for the development of the Faculty of Engineering.

Press release University of Freiburg October 22, 2018


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