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Recent review on Integrated Devices for Non‐Invasive Diagnostics from the Laboratories for Sensors and MEMS Applications, is highlighted on the back cover of new Advanced Functional Materials issue.



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Contemporary instruments deployed in specialized central laboratories are not always accessible for continuous preventive monitoring; their utilization is generally limited to reactive healthcare. Integrated diagnostic devices aim to miniaturize the analytical processes followed in the central laboratories in a cost-effective manner by incorporating fluidic, electronic, mechanical and chemical components within a single unit. The philosophy of the integrated design is to unify the sample collection, preparation, analysis and post‑processing to enable the “sample in‑answer out” testing required for distributed proactive healthcare. In this regard, non‑invasive sampling offers an easy access to the physiologically relevant biomarkers with minimum discomfort and supervision.

In this article, H. Ceren Ates, Can Dincer and colleagues introduce integrated diagnostic devices that combine different components for sample handling, recognition elements, signal transduction, processing and transmission units, power supplier and decision-making unit in order to convert a physiological information into a desired clinical evaluation within a self-confined environment. The authors underline the potential of non-invasive sampling within the scope of integrated diagnostic devices by exploring their compatibilities with “sample-to-answer” methods.

This cover image designed by H. Ceren Ates and created by the Ella Maru Studio.

The open access article can be accessed for free: H. Ceren Ates, Anna Brunauer, Felix von Stetten, Gerald A. Urban, Firat Güder, Arben Merkoçi, Susanna M. Früh, Can Dincer, Integrated Devices for Non‐Invasive Diagnostics, Adv. Funct. Mater., 2021, 31(15), 2010388,

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