Nomination for the AI Newcomer Award

Please support Oier Mees in the election for AI Newcomer 2023!

The AI Newcomer Award of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is awarded through audience and jury voting. Please give Oier Mees your vote via the online voting process. The voting runs until 22 February 2023.

About Oier Mees:
Oier Mees works at the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Freiburg. He is a doctoral research assistant in the Autonomous Intelligent Systems research group supervised by is Prof. Wolfram Burgard.

The work of Mees revolves around the long-standing goal of building service robots that can perform a wide range of everyday tasks in response to arbitrary instructions from the user. To do this, the robots must acquire a diverse repertoire of general-purpose skills and non-expert users must be able to effectively specify the tasks they want the robot to solve. During his doctoral studies, Oier developed novel methods that enable a robot to:

  • learn diverse skills to perform tasks in house-like environments from uncurated data,
  • relate them to abstract natural language instructions in the real world to perform multi-tier mobile manipulation tasks with long time horizons, such as "tidy up the workspace" or "move first to the plant, then 3 meters south, then walk between the keyboard and the bowl".

About the AI Newcomer Award:
The award for AI newcomers is intended to make new talents visible who have already achieved outstanding success in the various fields of research and activity in the field of AI and who can be expected to help shape AI research. The strong involvement of the public in the nomination, voting and awarding of prizes at the AI Camp should further contribute to demystifying AI and making it accessible to a broad public.



Oier Mees
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