Prof. Amft in an interview with the Badische Zeitung

Portable everyday objects for medical analyses

Jens Kitzler, editor of the Badische Zeitung, was fascinated by what he saw during his visit to the Faculty of Engineering yesterday. Prof. Amft gave a tour of the Intelligent Embedded Systems Lab at the Department of Computer Science which is jointly operated with Hahn-Schickard and showed wearables equipped with numerous sensors that could improve healthcare and health management:

The Gastro-Digital-Shirt a wearable for gastroenterology –  records stomach and bowel sounds over a longer period of time and can provide indications of an inflammatory bowel disease in the intestines without the need for an invasive examination that is stressful for the patient.

Special glasses that measure muscle activity during chewing and provide information about when the wearer is eating and can – based on the chewing vibrations - discern, e.g. fresh fruit and vegetables from highly processed foods. The aim is to support healthy dietary choices.

An intelligent sensor pen can detect heart activity when writing and recognises whether school maths problems are too easy or too difficult. The aim is to optimise learning situations to match the learning performance.

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Prof. Dr. Oliver Amft
Intelligent Embedded Systems Lab
Department of Computer Science – IIF

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