The brightest minds on campus

The Faculty of Engineering wishes to congratulate the students chosen for the Christoph-Rüchardt scholarship 2013: Jan Burchard (Informatik), Christoph Gissler (Informatik), Abinaya Krishnaraja (Microsystems Engineering), Tina Preisinger (Mikrosystemtechnik) und Annelie Schiller (Mikrosystemtechnik).



The scholars with Assistant Dean Prof. Oliver Paul , former Rector Prof. Christoph Rüchardt and Dr. Karl V. Ullrich (Friends of the University Association)

In the winter semester 2013/14 the Faculty of Engineering has granted this scholarship, founded by the industry in Baden, for the fifth time. Five Master students will receive a funding of 2,400 Euro each. The scholarship is being financed by the "Faculty of Engineering Foundation", managed by the "Friends of the University Association". "We are delighted to be able to support three very talented women and two men studying Computer Science and Microsystems Engineering", says Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. The scholarships are granted based on performance. They are awarded to outstanding master’s students who have demonstrated exceptional academic merit in their undergraduate studies. All students who begun a master’s degree programme in Computer Science, Embedded Systems Engineering or Microsystems Engineering in the summer semester 2013 or the winter wemester 2013/2014 and completed their undergraduate studies with a final grade of 1,5 or better, were eligible to apply. Professor Christoph Rüchardt was the Rector of the University of Freiburg from 1987 to 1991. He played a key role in the Faculty of Engineering’s founding. Local businesses in Baden helped to establish the Faculty of Engineering by providing funding for the Chair for MEMS Applications and student scholarships. The Christoph-Rüchardt scholarship is awarded every year.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Rüchardt, der von 1987 bis 1991 als Rektor die Universität Freiburg leitete, war während seiner Amtszeit maßgeblich an der Gründung der Technischen Fakultät beteiligt. Die Badische Wirtschaft hat den Aufbau der Fakultät mit der Finanzierung des Lehrstuhls für Anwendungsentwicklung und der Bereitstellung des Stipendienfonds gefördert. Die Christoph-Rüchardt-Stipendien werden jährlich vergeben.


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