15 years Microelectronics in Freiburg

We had good reason to celebrate: the Chair of Microelectronics in Freiburg turned 15 and the Fritz Hüttinger Chair of Microelectronics was established 5 years ago.



Many friends and partners joined our Freiburg Microelectronics Workshop 2016 on the 14th and 15th of April.

Empty rooms and three PhD students – that is how the top floor of building 102 looked like in the summer of 2001. But soon our first lectures started and the hallway hummed with life. Many of our numerous students turned into brilliant PhD students, who returned from conferences with “best paper awards”. In addition to such awards, the chair was honored with being appointed “Fritz-Hüttinger-Chair of Microelectronics”.

April 14th made us look back at what we accomplished and forward into an exciting future when we presented and discussed current research topics of our Chair in various presentations and demonstrations. A dinner followed and we shared memories and made plans for future projects.

April 15th was the day of our microelectronics alumni: their talks informed us about current developments and topics of research in industry and at other universities.

Looking back at these 15 years showed that our chair as well as our alumni have been working on many exciting topics which have been leading to countless exceptionally valuable results. So it comes as no surprise that exchanging these news led to inspiring conversations. These, in turn, made our workshop so unique.

We were very happy to welcome so many friends and partners at our Chair! They turned this anniversary into such a special event. Finally we want to thank everybody for the great and reliable support during these last years.

Yiannos Manoli


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