Freiburg Computer Scientist to Receive Junior Research Prize

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Recognizes Cyrill Stachniss for His Pioneering Work in Robotics



Dr. Cyrill Stachniss / source: Department of Computer Science

Programming mobile robots to navigate their environment independently without previous knowledge and to create maps: Dr. Cyrill Stachniss from the Department of Computer Science of the University of Freiburg has been selected by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to receive the “Robotics and Automation Society Early Career Award” for his pioneering work in this area. Awarded each year since 1999, the prize is regarded as one of the greatest distinctions in the world for junior researchers in robotics. The awards ceremony will be held on 9 May 2013 at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Karlsruhe.

Cyrill Stachniss completed his habilitation in November 2009 and serves as research assistant under Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard, chair in autonomous intelligent systems. In summer 2012 the team made headlines across Europe when the robot Obelix made its way independently from the campus of the Faculty of Engineering to the Freiburg city center. Stachniss is also conducting research on the application of technologies based on statements of probability that are designed to analyze and interpret sensor data and enable autonomous navigation.

Founded in 1963, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has 400,000 members from 150 countries and claims to be the world’s largest professional association for the area of electrical engineering and information technology. The association is organized into 38 societies. One of them is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, which is engaged in robotics research and automation.

Press Release from the IEEE:

Dr. Cyrill Stachniss
Department of Computer Science
University of Freiburg
Phone: +49 (0)761/203-8024
E-Mail: stachnis(at)

Natascha Thoma-Widmann
Coordinator for PR and Marketing
Faculty of Engineering
University of Freiburg
Phone: +49 (0)761/203-8056
E-Mail: thoma-widmann(at)

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