MBMV 2023 at the Faculty of Engineering

Workshop "Methods and Description Languages for Modelling and Verification of Circuits and Systems (MBMV)" from March 23–24, 2023

Prof. Armin Biere, Chair of Computer Architecture at the Department of Computer Science, hosted the two-day conference, where 29 experts from 12 universities, colleges and institutes from Germany and Austria as well as employees from companies such as Siemens EDA GmbH, Cadence Design Systems GmbH, Infineon Technologies AG dealt with new trends, results and current issues in the field of modeling and verification of circuits and systems.

"The workshop presented an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss, in person again, newest developments in electronic design automation (EDA) and related fields, a key technology in chip-design. It also highlighted the high-level of expertise in the German speaking EDA community”, says Prof. Biere.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss current issues and solutions from science and industrial applications in the field of modeling and verification of analogue-digital circuits and cyber-physical systems. In addition, there was a presentation on "Early Co-verification of Firmware and Hardware to Speed up Development of Embedded Systems" by Jörg Bormann, Siemens EDA GmbH.

The following topics were discussed at the meeting:

  • Formal, semi-formal and other means of specification and modelling
  • Standards and extensions of modelling languages for hardware or HW/SW systems
  • Models and methods for cross-domain development: analogue-digital, cyber-physical, HW/SW
  • Behavioural modelling, AI-based models
  • Model-based development
  • Synthesis and formal synthesis, property refinement from specifications
  • Formal verification (equivalence and property proofs)
  • Circuits and systems in safety-relevant products
  • Verification of non-functional properties
  • Simulation-based verification and validation
  • Digitalisation of development e.g. through machine learning or data analysis

The 26th workshop was held in cooperation with the specialist groups GMM, ITG and GI FG3 and FG4.

  • GMM: VDE/VDI Society for Microelectronics, Microsystems and Precision Engineering
  • ITG: Information Technology Society in the VDE
  • GI FG3: Division 3 of the RSS (Computer-aided Circuit and System Design) deals with automatable methods of construction and verification as well as with individual integrated digital circuits and complete digital systems
  • GI FG4: Division 4 of the RSS (Computer-aided Circuit and System Design) deals with description languages and the modelling of circuits and systems


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